As a member of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, you become part of a national network of historic preservation commissions, boards of architectural review, municipal staff, local and state preservation nonprofits, and everyday residents of historic districts who value their historic resources.

The NAPC network provides support, resources, and assistance from other commissions and members. You will benefit from the ideas and experiences of local communities throughout the United States working to protect historic districts and landmarks through local legislation.
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Membership at these levels includes all commission members and staff. Please email a complete list with each name, mailing address, e-mail, and phone number to

  • $50
    • Commissions: Municipal/county population less than 5,000
    • Local nonprofit organizations
  • $100
    • Commissions: Municipal/county population of 5,000 to 50,000
    • Regional or state wide nonprofit organizations
  • $150
    • Commissions: Municipal/county population greater than 50,000
    • State Historic Preservation Offices
    • Federal Agencies
    • National Nonprofit Organizations
  • $20 Student
  • $35 Individual Membership
  • $150 Professional Network

Professional Network members are listed on NAPC’s Professional Network Directory and in an issue of The Alliance Review. All other membership benefits are included. Recommended for consultants/consulting firms, businesses, companies, and other professional services.

  • $250 Chair’s Circle
  • $500 Founder’s Circle

Half of all premium membership dues support NAPC’s student internship and FORUM scholarship programs.

If you prefer to mail in your membership, download either the new member form or the membership renewal form.

Membership Benefits

  • The Alliance Review, our quarterly publication filled with timely articles that cover the issues local commissions and staff are dealing with on the front lines.
  • Access to NAPC-L, NAPC’s discussion group that connects you to local preservation commission members, staff and others across the United States.
  • Ongoing online training opportunities for members only or free or reduced cost webinar training opportunities.
  • Early access to information about FORUM, NAPC’s biennial conference for local preservation commissions and staff.
  • Access to a resource library of technical information related to historic preservation commissions.
  • A voice for your commission in Washington, DC, with our national partners.