The strongest defense commissions and review boards have against accusations of arbitrary and capricious decisions is to consistently follow established review procedures. This webinar will cover the legal basis for commission operations. We’ll cover an overview of procedural due process, takings, appeals, property rights, and economic hardship. Participants will learn about common preservation legal issues and acquire tools to improve decision-making and build a defensible record. Participants will: 1) Distinguish between how the law enables and how the law constrains 2) Be familiar with common preservation legal issues 3) Acquire tools to improve decision-making 4) Acquire tools to build a defensible record

About the speaker, William Cook: As an attorney at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Will has helped challenge federal agency approval of the world’s largest wind farm in the middle of Nantucket Sound, a traditional cultural property, as well as argued successfully for the reinstatement of Mount Taylor’s recognition as a 400,000-acre traditional cultural property in New Mexico. In addition to teaching preservation law at Columbia University, Will lectures regularly to national audiences on issues related to property, land use, and heritage conservation, and is the author of Preserving Native American Places: A Guide to Federal Laws and Policies that Help Protect Cultural Resources and Sacred Sites.

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These webinars will be free for members of NAPC or Heritage Ohio.

Each course is certified for AIA and AICP credits.