The 8th National Forum on Historic Preservation Policy, to be held October 9-10 at Tulane University, will explore strategies to develop new or revise local historic preservation policies or practices to integrate better historic preservation into the challenges of the 21st century American city. Specifically, what priority issues will cities face in the next 50 years, what role can historic preservation best play in meeting them, how do current polices help – or hinder – that goal?

Proposed papers should address how local government historic preservation policies and procedures can be integrated into other local policies and procedures related to:
• Zoning and building codes, abandoned buildings, demolition by neglect, maintenance, “up-zoning”;
• Parks, landscapes, and recreation;
• Conservation districts; BIDs – business improvement districts, arts and entertainment districts; and tech and innovation districts;
• Low-income housing, affordable housing, live near work programs, housing for the elderly, and micro-units (ADUs); CALL FOR PAPERS
• Public safety and crime prevention;
• Health and wellness of citizens and visitors;
• Programs for youth, the elderly, or other targeted populations;
• Transportation for self-driving and driver vehicles, public transit, ride hailing/sharing, bicycles, scooters, and pedestrians;
• Economic incentives such as opportunity zones, TIF districts, employment bonuses, lending practices, and insurance practices;
• Public/private partnerships, including large public or non-profit institutions;
• Environmental concerns from zero carbon footprints to rising sea levels; and
• Information technology and Big Data.

Deadline for Abstracts: November 20, 2019

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