NAPC is excited to share details on an upcoming webinar series geared toward historic preservation commissions and boards, which will kick off in May -just in time for National Preservation Month! Enjoy a variety of engaging and practical topics that will meet your continuing education needs while empowering you to strengthen your community’s preservation program.

In celebration of National Preservation Month, NAPC will make all May webinars free and open to everyone! We hope you’ll take advantage of one or more of the virtual events we have to offer next month, most of which are eligible for continuing education credits. We have an excellent lineup of presenters from the preservation field, who are also part of our talented CAMP® Trainer Team.

Take a look at the schedule below for more details and follow the links to register!

NAPC’s Preservation Month Virtual Event Schedule

Thursday, May 6 | 7:30 pm Eastern Time

NAPC Preservation Month Trivia!

Come celebrate Preservation Month with NAPC by testing your preservation knowledge against your colleagues across the country.

How to play:

  • No teams. Everyone will play individually but encourage your colleagues to join you for some friendly competition.
  • Each player will need access to Zoom to watch the game along with access to the Kahoot app or website to enter answers. Separate devices are ideal (such as a computer along with a smartphone or tablet) but you could also use split screens on your computer.
  • When you enter Zoom you will see the Game Pin # and joining instructions. Enter the Pin # in Kahoot! mobile app or at You’ll be prompted to enter your name/nickname. And then you’re ready to play!
  • Questions will display in Zoom and you will enter your responses via the Kahoot app or website. Scoring is based on correct answers as well as how quickly you respond.

Trivia Hosts: Wade Broadhead and Abigail Christman

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Thursday, May 13 | 1 pm Eastern Time

Community Outreach Strategies for Historic Preservation Commissions and Boards

As a historic preservation commissioner, you may find yourself getting bogged down in the day-to-day administration of your local ordinance and forget that one of your major responsibilities is to be an effective spokesperson for historic preservation in your community. This panel of CAMP Trainers spanning the coasts will guide you in communicating effectively with a wide range of audiences, explaining the benefits of historic preservation and the role of the commission. Presenters will offer creative suggestions for promoting historic preservation, reaching diverse communities, listening to constituents and planning for the future.

Presenters: Adrian Scott Fine, Lauren Hoogkamer, and Chris Skelly


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Thursday, May 27 | 1 pm Eastern Time

Preserving the 1970s and 1980s:
Why Should We Care About Brutalist and Postmodernist Architecture?

Love it, hate it. Save it or destroy it. Brutalist and Postmodernist architecture often provokes strong reactions. Though many find these buildings aesthetically unattractive, a greater appreciation for the styles can be gained through understanding why these buildings were designed as they were. Both arose as a reaction against Modern architecture, which was criticized as minimalist, anonymous, monotonous, and boring. Brutalist architects developed a style that was bold, dramatic, authentic, and monumental. Postmodernists pursued architecture that was theatrical, contextual, expressive, and playful. However, both styles had fallen out of favor by the 1990s, with Brutalism criticized as authoritarian and Postmodernism as kitsch.

But Brutalism and Postmodernism are making a comeback. Contemporary architects are beginning to look to these designs of the past for inspiration, and efforts are being made to preserve significant works.  So far, most preservation efforts have been reactionary, in response to proposed demolition or alterations. A more comprehensive preservation approach is needed. This webinar will cover historical development, key features, and preservation challenges, encouraging you to help give Brutalist and Postmodern buildings a future.

Presenter: Abigail Christman


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Moving forward, webinars and other virtual events will become another great benefit of NAPC membership. To ensure these webinars truly tap into information that is relevant and useful for local preservation programs, please take a moment to share your ideas with NAPC in this quick survey. Your input is greatly appreciated!