Olympia, WAPreservation planning is a proactive way to provide for the protection of a community’s historic resources and character. A community that includes a preservation component as part of long-range planning recognizes the importance of local heritage and the built environment.

Among other things, a preservation plan identifies and articulates community preservation goals, lets current and future property owners know how the community intends to grow, helps eliminate confusion about the purpose of the local preservation ordinance, educates the public about the community’s history and heritage, creates an agenda for future preservation work and creates a way to measure preservation’s progress. Preservation plans also encourage economic development and strengthens political understanding of historic preservation policies.

How is a preservation plan adopted? It is a collaborative effort between historic preservation commission members, commission staff, other municipal departments, elected officials, and community advocates. Consultants are typically hired to draft the plan, which is reviewed at public input forums. Funding, implementation and scope are all challenging facets of adopting a preservation plan, but there are numerous examples of success stories around the country.

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Examples of Preservation Plans